Backyard Remodel

Does your backyard feel plain or boring? Maybe your original backyard amenities are starting to look old and outdated? If so, it sounds like your home is in need of a backyard remodel. Whether you’ve just moved into the Houston metropolitan area or have been in your home for years, now is a great time for a backyard transformation. Cascade Pools doesn’t just work with pool design and remodeling—we can also help you create the ultimate backyard getaway of your dreams. After our backyard remodeling contractors work their magic, your backyard will be where you and your family want to spend all your time.

There are many creative ways that we can revamp your backyard to make it feel refreshed and completely unique to your home. If you love grilling outdoors, why not transform your backyard patio into a complete outdoor kitchen? We can also create a cozy lounge area complete with a fireplace installation and more. We’ll turn your boring, old backyard into a personal outdoor retreat space.

All of these installations make the perfect addition to a backyard pool. Our experts can help you design the perfect custom pool to add to your newly refreshed backyard space or renovate an existing pool.

With over 20 years of experience remodeling pools and outdoor spaces, our backyard designers have plenty of experience and inspiration to lend to your project. If you need inspiration and ideas for your backyard plan, we can provide ideas and options based on our past work and capabilities. You can also browse our image gallery on our website or stop by our showroom for more information on our backyard remodeling projects.

To get started on your backyard transformation journey, contact us today at Cascade Pools. We can help walk you through the overall backyard renovation process and answer any questions you might have. If your backyard could use a refresher, don’t hesitate to reach out.